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Business Meeting
Meeting Date: 12/09/2014 Length (in minutes): 10 Minutes
Agenda Title:    Contract Award - PMP Overlay Engineering Design Services
Prepared For: Joseph Barrett
Submitted By: Joseph Barrett, Financial and Information Services
Item Type: Motion Requested
Meeting Type: Local Contract Review Board
Public Hearing
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Public Hearing Publication
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Shall the Local Contract Review Board award a contract for pavement overlay engineering design and inspection services for the City's pavement management program to Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc.?
Staff recommends the Local Contract Review Board award a contract for pavement overlay engineering design services for the City's pavement management program to Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc. for up to five years with annual renewal, $1,350,000 over the life of the contract, and authorize the City Manager to take the necessary steps to execute the contract.
The yearly Pavement Management Program (PMP) protects the city’s investment in street infrastructure.  The program typically includes a combination of minor maintenance projects (slurry seal and crack seal applications) and major maintenance projects (pavement overlays). In a pavement overlay project, the pavement on a street has deteriorated due to traffic usage and weather, and is at the point where pavement repairs and overlays are necessary to avoid further deterioration and return the street to a good condition.

The contract that is before the LCRB for award tonight is for design and inspection services related to the pavement overlay portion of the program.  Work under this contract will include:
  • An evaluation of existing pavement,
  • Recommendations of pavement treatments,
  • A survey of existing curb ramps,
  • Design of curb ramp retrofits to meet ADA requirements,
  • Design of the paving work, and
  • Inspection of the paving and curb ramp work.

The city typically solicits these services each year but worked to develop the potential contract for the work as a one-year contract with the option of four additional one-year extensions. This should give the project some longer term stability and save on internal costs associated with the yearly solicitation costs.

The city issued a qualification-based Request For Proposals (RFP) on October 6, 2014 and received proposals from four firms before the October 23 due date. The city's review team reviewed and scored the proposals based on the criteria set forth in the RFP document.  The criteria was as follows:
  • Firm Qualifications and Specific Experience of Key Staff (40%),
  • Project Approach (30%), and
  • Project Samples (30%)
As this was a qualification-based RFP due to the specific service, state law prohibited use of pricing criteria (hourly rate, estimated hours, total cost, etc.) in identifying the most-qualified firm.  Negotiations were to be conducted once the top-qualified proposer was determined. The results of the scoring were as follows:
  1. Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc. (97.67 average score)
  2. Otak (87.67 average score)
  3. Wallis Engineering (79.67 average score)
  4. Project Delivery Group, LLC (70.33 average score)
Based on the scores, staff moved forward on negotiations with Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc. The results of those negotiations are the first-year estimate of $265,508. Approximately $165,000 is for design work to be done in the winter and spring of 2015, to be paid in the current fiscal year. Approximately $100,000 is for inspection work to be done in the summer of 2015, to be paid in fiscal year 2015-16 and will be included in the requested budget.  The cost of future years was projected using this figure to develop an estimated total contract cost of $1,350,000 over the possible five years.  Staff is requesting the LCRB award a contract to Murray, Smith & Associates for a potential five years (the base year plus four one-year options) for a potential total cost of $1,350,000 over the life of the contract and extensions.

In each of the four subsequent years, staff would have the option of negotiating a contract extension or conducting a new Qualification-Based Selection process.
The Local Contract Review Board may elect to not award the contract and direct staff to re-solicit the services and bring a new contract award before the Board in coming months. It should be noted that this would likely result in the city becoming late in the overlay work and could lead to much higher bids for the actual construction contract.

The Local Contract Review Board may elect to award only a single year of the work rather than include the four one-year options and direct staff to solicit the work for future years at a later date. The potential contract value would then be reduced from $1.35 million to approximately $265,000 for the work in 2015 only.
This work is included in the city's Capital Improvement Plan for each of the next five years as project number 95001.
The Council was presented details on this proposed contract at their November 25, 2014 meeting.

Fiscal Impact
Cost: $1,350,000
Budgeted (yes or no): Partial
Where budgeted?: CIP #95001 - Street Maintenance Fee Fund
Additional Fiscal Notes:
The proposed contract will be for one year with four additional one-year options.  The total duration of the contract may not exceed five years.  The estimated total five-year expenditure against this contract is estimated at $1,350,000.  The total contract amount for calendar year 2015 is not to exceed $265,508. Of this amount, $165,857 is for design work to be done in the winter and spring of 2015, which will be paid in fiscal year 2014-15. The remaining $99,651 is for construction management and inspection work to be done in the summer of 2015, which will be paid in fiscal year 2015-16 if appropriations are so adopted.

Future years are anticipated to follow a similar pattern of design work in the winter and spring for construction in the summer.
2015 Overlay Design and Inspection Scope
2015 Overlay Design and Inspection Fee Estimate

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