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Business Meeting
Meeting Date: 12/20/2016 Length (in minutes): 40 Minutes
Agenda Title:    Receive Update on Tigard's Affordable Housing Program
Submitted By: Hannah Holloway, Community Development
Item Type: Update, Discussion, Direct Staff
Meeting Type: Council Workshop Mtg.
Public Hearing: No
Publication Date:

Review Tigard's 2002 Affordable Housing Program, the twelve housing strategies it included, and how those strategies have affected Tigard's housing landscape in the nearly 15 years since they were implemented.
This briefing is accompanied by a report on the status of Tigard’s 2002 Affordable Housing Program in 2016. The sections of that report entitled “Additional Housing Strategies” and “Housing Strategies In-Review” detail actions that the City of Tigard undertook to encourage affordable housing development in the city. 
Background on Affordable Housing Program
In September of 2002, the City of Tigard published its Affordable Housing Program report, which announced a platform of 12 budgetary items, sub-programs, code amendments, and City actions that, when combined, would robustly support and encourage affordable housing development. The 12 items that comprised the report were approved by City Council. 

Overview of Housing Strategies
The twelve strategies were:
  • A streamlined development review process
  • Reduced parking requirements for affordable housing projects
  • Allowance of Accessory Dwelling Units in City code
  • A tax exemption for affordable housing properties
  • A budget set-aside to reduce development fees
  • Sale or donation of City-owned land for housing
  • Financial support for the Good Neighbor Center
  • Pursue grants for public improvements in low-income neighborhoods
  • Establishment of the Housing Inspection Program
  • Housing Emergency Fund
  • Enhanced Safety Properties Program
  • Membership in Housing Advocacy Groups
2002 Housing Strategies: A 2016 Review
As of the fall of 2016, seven of those strategies remain in place: reduced parking requirements, allowance of accessory dwelling units, the tax exemption, grant funding awards, financial support for the Good Neighbor Center, the Housing Inspection Program, and membership in advocacy groups. However, a close analysis of each strategy’s efficacy revealed that just three of the programs have accomplished their intended goals: the tax exemption, grant awards for public improvements, and financial support for the Good Neighbor Center.

Promising Housing Tools
In 1997, Metro estimated that Tigard would need to add 3,205 new units of affordable housing by 2017 to meet the needs of households earning 50% AMI or less. In 2015, Metro inventoried Tigard’s housing stock and found merely 705 units of affordable housing across the city. New housing construction has not kept pace with demand. This, in addition to the 2002 program’s checkered record of results, suggests that the City of Tigard reconsider its methods for encouraging affordable housing development.  Tools that would help Tigard to recommit to equitable housing opportunities include:
  • System Development Charge Accommodations
  • Increased Noticing Periods for No Cause Evictions
  • Limits on Rent Increases
  • Construction Excise Taxes
  • Inclusionary Zoning
  • Land Leases
  • Gap Funding Programs
  • Emergency Rent Assistance
  • Parking Reductions
  • Liberal EDU standards
October 2012: Staff briefed City Council on the status of the Goal 10 Population and Housing Review.

April 2013: Staff and consultants briefed City Council on the status of Goal 10 Population and Housing.

May 2013: Public hearing to consider Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Development Code Amendment to adopt Goal 10 Population and Housing Review.

September 2016: Staff briefed Council on the City’s role in addressing homelessness.

November 2016: Council continued the discussion on the City’s role in addressing homelessness and considered the creation of a homelessness task force.
Affordable Housing Strategies
Housing Report

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