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Workshop Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/18/2018 Length (in minutes): 45 Minutes
Agenda Title:    Photo Enforcement Implementation Briefing
Prepared For: Eric Zimmerman Submitted By: Eric Zimmerman, City Management
Item Type: Update, Discussion, Direct Staff
Meeting Type: Council Workshop Mtg.
Public Hearing
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Public Hearing Publication
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Staff will present to the City Council the implementation plan to begin using photo enforcement technology in the City of Tigard. In an effort to increase traffic safety and to address safety concerns along specific traffic corridors, the Tigard Police Department will begin to enforce violations with photo technology in accordance with state law.
No action is needed during this workshop meeting. This briefing is intended to allow the council to provide comment on the implementation plan and to make the council aware of two upcoming items that will require council approval, 1) a future contract award to the vendor of the photo enforcement technology and 2) a Q1 supplemental budget item to allow staff to conduct facility work and prepare the municipal court for additional requirements.
- Photo enforcement is allowable under ORS.
- A sworn member of Tigard Police is required to cite all violations.  Violations cannot be automatically registered or determined by a computer or a non-sworn person.
- A citation from photo enforcement carries the same rights, fines, and consequences as a citation from an in-person encounter with law enforcement.
- Tigard Police will have the ability to issue citations for violations of two different types; red light violations and speed violations. Tigard Police will initially only cite red light violations with citations for speeding through intersections occurring at a later date. Oregon law sets the minimum speed violation that can be enforced via photo enforcement.
- To accommodate the increase in court operations, a budget for facility and staff changes will be requested during the Q1 supplemental budget process.
- A minimum 30-day warning period will allow commuters through Tigard the opportunity to learn of the new enforcement without being cited for a violation.  This is in addition to a strong public information campaign leading up to the "go live" date.
Council can indicate or comment on adjustments they would like to see in the plan.
  • August 2010 AIS 7 – At the direction of City Council, the Police Department presented an informational briefing photo red light enforcement.
  • June 2015 AIS 2226 - Council directed the Police Department (PD) to conduct a traffic study on the feasibility of implementing a photo red light program.
  • August 2016 - AIS 2738 the traffic survey and staff report were submitted to Council for consideration. Council directed staff to determine the public's level of support.
  • April 2017 - Staff memo to Council including results of citizen survey and requesting direction to move forward.
  • May 2017 AIS 3065 – Staff report to Council recommending implementation.

Fiscal Impact
Cost: $755,783
Budgeted (yes or no): No
Where Budgeted (department/program): Court and Police
Additional Fiscal Notes:
This fiscal statement is included for information only.  This item is not an approval request.  Future council items will request approval for these items;
$252,783- Municipal Court Q1 supplemental request
$350,000- Facilities Q1 supplemental request
$153,000- Tigard Police Department Q1 supplemental request

When this program begins receiving revenue, the program will backfill the above requests in order to payback the start up costs to the reserve fund.

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