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Workshop Meeting
Meeting Date: 02/21/2017
Length (in minutes): 25 Minutes  
Agenda Title: Receive a Report on the Beginning of Public Outreach for Potential Ballot Measures
Prepared For: Kent Wyatt, Submitted By: Kent Wyatt, Central Services
Item Type: Receive and File
Meeting Type: Council Business Meeting - Main
Public Hearing: No
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Discuss findings from initial public outreach which included a telephone and online survey. The Council will consider whether to seek a local option levy of Tigard voters at some time in the future. An initial step in this consideration is to understand what the community knows and values about city services and funding. Tigard entered into a contract with DHM Research to conduct three surveys to help inform future decisions.
Receive initial findings from public outreach related to a potential future voter-approved tax measure, and determine what else would be useful for the city to know for future decisions. Provide input to researchers and staff about what would be useful to know in the next survey effort.
During the 2016-17 budget deliberations, the budget committee advised that seeking a local option levy and facilities bond should be sought to maintain the sustainability of the City's general fund, and also to repair and replace city facilities, and also invest in the vision.

The City has started the first phase of public opinion research to measure attitudes among likely voterstoward a local option levy. The purpose of this phase, which included a telephone and online survey, wasto assess resident satisfaction with city services and to determine values regarding future funding.

John Horvick, Vice President of DHM Research, will review and discuss results from the first survey. In January, the survey was administered to 300 Tigard voters. This is a sufficient and valid sample size toassess voter opinions generally and to review findings by multiple subgroups, including age, gender, precinct, and political party.

More than 320 people completed the online version of the survey. Another 100 people completed parts of the online survey. Staff used social media, listserves, and Cityscape to encourage community participation.

The results of this first survey effort show high satisfaction with city services by voters.The findings also illustrate a perception gap between this satisfaction and the city's budget challenges. If the city is to be successful with any future voter approved measure, additional communication and education will be needed to bring awareness to the the funding issues the city faces.

Staff, with the help of DHM Research, will continue to examine the prospect of seeking voter-approved tax measures and recommend to the Council later this year whether to make a levy request to voters. The continued public opinion research will ensure the city's assumptions and decisions are in line with the community's desires. Further, results of the public opinion research will ensure theCity Council has ongoing advice about the appropriate timing, priority and key messages for when to seek voter approval.

The City's Leadership Team will also be in attendance to lend support for the concept of seeking a local option levy, discuss the need for additional outreach and education, and offer suggestions for approaches for communication and education that may help raise awareness of the funding challenges that thecity faces.
Goal 4 of the City's Strategic Plan is to "Fund the vision while maintaining core services." The City Council and Budget Committee have affirmed that the city will consider the need for a local option levy through the 2016-17 Budget adoption.
City Council considered and approved the contract for DHM Research's services on September 13 and October 16, 2016.

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